South Sixth Street


128 South 6th Street: B'Nai Abraham Synagogue building. 'The children of Abraham' Temple is now the 'Nature Nook'. The land was originally part of a large “Out Lot No.10”, which was 7 acres and 70 [square] perches in size, beginning at Julianna (now 5th) Street and stretching West between Ferry Street on the North and the Freemansburg Road (also called Gallows Hill Road and Lehigh Street) on the South. The present 6th Street (then called John Street) did not pass through the middle of this land; instead, John Street stopped at Ferry Street, and did not extend farther South. The Penn Family sold Out Lot No.10 to Peter Nungesser in 1790. Peter Nungesser was apparently the proprietor of the Bull’s Head Tavern that stood where the parking lot at 26 South 3rd Street now stands, which he had purchased in 1784.....
In 1906, the Timmins estate sold the combined two lots on South 6th Street to the Jewish congregation that built the existing synagogue building. It was constructed in 1907-08 for an orthodox Jewish congregation in Easton comprised mostly of East European / Russian immigrants.

This congregation was distinct from the older, and somewhat “Reformed”, “Deitsche” (German) Jewish congregation of Temple Covenant of Peace, which had originally stood a block farther North on 6th Street, near the even older Jewish burying grounds established near the corner of South 6th and Pine Street on land owned by Revolutionary War merchant Michael Hart. The two Jewish congregations “verged on open antagonism” in the 19th and early 20th Century....more detail on 128 so. Sixth st.



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