Bushkill Street

Green St. to North Second St.
  132 Bushkill Street: Tombler Town House - From at least the 1870s and into the 20th Century, the home of H.G. Tombler, wholesale grocer, was located here. " In the early 1870s, the residence was listed as 24 Bushkill Street, under the street numbering scheme then in effect. " H.G. Tombler founded a large wholesale grocery business in 1857, and continued to head it until the first decade of the 20th Century....more detail on 132 Bushkill Street.
136, 138, 140 Bushkill Street: Schmid Apartments - No. 140 was the residence of bookseller William Maxwell in the 1870s and '80s. No. 138 was the residence of John Hagerty, a merchant... more detail on these row homes.
  133-37 North Second Street: Modern Commercial Bldg.
North Second to Sitgreaves St.
  202 Bushkill Street: Residence
  204, 210 Bushkill Street: Row Houses

214 Bushkill Street: Residence

  220 Bushkill Street: Residence / multi-unit - In 1873, with the inauguration of the modern street numbering scheme, this address was assigned to the residence of William Wilson... more detail on 220 bushkill.
  226 Bushkill Street: Bull Mansion - Mansion of James V. Bull (1841-1930), who came to Easton in 1870, and opened the Bush & Bull store with Solomon Bush. The store ultimately contained 35 departments (many as large as other complete downtown stores), and employed 250-300 people in the Easton store alone. James Bull was also President of the Easton National Bank from 1917 until his death, and a member of the Executive Committee of the Easton Board of Trade... more detail on 226 Bushkill st.
Sitgreaves St to North Third St.
230-32 Bushkill Street: McKean Duplex - This lot was purchased from the Penn Family by Easton town father Samuel Sitgreaves in 1790, and used as part of a large garden connected with his mansion at the NE corner of Spring Garden and North Third Streets. It was later acquired by Col. Thomas McKean, Sitgreaves's protégé and successor as the President of The Easton Bank. McKean also used the plot initially as a garden, connected with his mansion at the NW corner of Spring Garden and Sitgreaves Alley. McKean built this duplex house as an investment in his garden in 1849... more detail on 230-32 Bushkill st.

234 Bushkill Street: Row House - This lot, and indeed much of the entire block, was originally the ornamental garden adorning the Samuel Sitgreaves First Mansion at the NE corner of North Third and Spring Garden Streets. Sitgreaves died in 1827. In approximately 1832, this house was built by Mathias Ferguson as his residence, which he and his family used until he died in 1878... more detail on 234 bushkill. *currently for sale!

  238 Bushkill Street: Row House
  244 Bushkill Street: Residence
  Nolls Court
246, 248, 250 Bushkill Street: Italianate apartments - Perhaps built in 1859. In 1873, with the inauguration of the modern street numbering scheme, these addresses were assigned as follows: " No.246, residence of Edward Ricker; " No.248, residence of Mrs. Charles Smith; " No.250, residence of Miss R. Vanorman.... more on 246, 248, 250 bushkill
  19 North Third Street: Apartments
North Third to North Fourth St.
  Parking Lot
  314 Bushkill Street: Row House
  316 Bushkill Street: Residence

324 Bushkill Street: Residence

  326 Bushkill Street: Residence
  328 Bushkill street: Residence
  Bank Street
  Presbyterian Parking Lot
  340 Bushkill Street: Residence
  344 Bushkill Street: Row House
  346-48 Bushkill Street: Row Houses

133 North Fourth Street: Apartments

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